The group has always practiced the core values of "seeking truth for the people, seeking for the good of the nation", giving back to its customers with its own strength, giving back to its employees and giving back to the community. Adhere to the simple, sincere, friendly enterprise morality, dayang group always adhere to the simple life, honesty, generosity, in environmental protection, safety, social commonweal, fulfill their duties, actively do the due contribution to society!
First, adhere to people-oriented and establish harmonious enterprises. Company continuously strengthen technical innovation, improve the staff working environment, improve the level of production automation, reduces the worker labor intensity, is well received by the worker, the worker team harmony and stability, strong enterprise cohesive force, the enterprise harmonious labor relations. The company has been awarded the title of advanced unit of human resources and social security in huangdao district, Qingdao, 2016.
Second, pay attention to environmental protection, grasp safe production and realize harmonious development of enterprise and society. The company has increased its investment in technology, vigorously promoted energy conservation and emission reduction projects, and invested more than 6 million projects to expand the sewage treatment works. It can project and photovoltaic power generation projects, save energy consumption, reduce production cost, and improve the environment. Pay attention to save water, make use of the dredger, recycle the waste calcium water, recycle water, and effectively relieve the pressure of water. Company vigorously promotes the production safety, strengthen safety production standardization construction, intensify security check correction, to ensure that no major safety accident, won a huangdao district and the coastal streets safe production advanced unit title.
Iii. Conscientiously fulfilling social responsibilities, actively participating in social public welfare undertakings and social donation activities, fully embodying the social responsibility and love of "one party is difficult, the other side supports". Established a $5 million charitable foundation with the name of the company. RMB 50,000 for earthquake relief in 2008. In 2009, "send warmth and love" donated clothes to poverty-stricken areas of guizhou, and donated 306 pieces of cotton clothes. To focus on population and family planning, and contribute 14,000 yuan to the fund. To embody the people-oriented, the idea of promoting the construction of harmonious enterprise, the company was founded in 2014 oceans "love mutual fund", a worker compassion fund donation, that year, a total of 17580 yuan donation into compassion fund account, companies use this portion of the funds to help difficulties and serious worker reduced pressure. The company also actively conducts donation of student aid activities, and has since established a total endowment of nearly 70,000 yuan for local kindergartens, primary schools and school students. Charity donation activities for the charity of the huangdao district will be donated to RMB 150,000. In 2016, we donated 50,000 yuan to local poverty-stricken village. Support local in social sports cultural and recreational activities, such as the 2014 huangdao district "ocean" cup table tennis competition, "gather the ocean" cup 2017 children's talent competition, the company give financial support, to some extent promote the activities carried out smoothly. The company was named as the star of public welfare in shandong province.
Fourth, care for the next generation growth, in the Marine education social practice base construction of the responsibility. Company has a Marine science and technology exhibition hall and channels, provide convenience for popular science knowledge popularization ocean, was named Qingdao city bureau of education first "Qingdao Marine education of primary and secondary schools social practice base". The company also provides practical training places for college graduates to provide opportunities for graduates to exercise and grow. Such as the company is the China ocean university college students practice bases, Qingdao university of science and technology, Qingdao college graduates employment entrepreneurship practice base job attachment base, navy hope primary school of Marine education base and so on.


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