Qingdao juocean new material technology co. LTD

Qingdao ocean new material technology co., LTD., Qingdao gathering ocean algae industry group was established in October 2017, a wholly owned subsidiary, is from the sea of biomass fiber as the main raw material, adopts the Qingdao university, wuhan textile university professor Zhu Ping team (2013 in hubei province scientific and technological progress second prize; In 2016, won the first prize of "textile light" science and technology of China textile industry federation, and won the first prize in the technical invention of shandong province. He has obtained 10 patents authorized by the state, published more than 100 academic papers, and trained 3 doctoral students and more than 10 postgraduate students. The development, design, production and sales of clothing and fabrics are modern and high-tech enterprises.
Brand introduction:
Marine silk language is Qingdao ocean new material technology co., LTD. Main brand, relying on the group, the company's strong scientific research strength, give priority to with alginate and chitosan fiber fabric, care for maternal and infant as the theme, fully integrated and fiber fabric unique moisturizing effect, antibacterial, mouldproof, adsorption, stop bleeding, pain, promote wound healing, and other functions, design develop the vogue and comfortable, healthy, high ratio of maternal and infant clothing, main functional women's underwear, lingerie, pregnancy, lactation and maternal and infant series leisurewear, 0 to 6 years old children to go out.
Marine silk is a trendy, fashion brand, the product will function and art design, brand style is simple, the atmosphere, fashionable and popular logo design concept, France, Italy, Europe, America, Korea, fashion popular element, make the products give comfort and fashion sense! Each design has a high-end atmosphere, and emphasizes the versatility of the products. Dedicated to leading the trend of children's clothing, diversified collocation without losing the classic dress concept and clothing culture; To create a simple and fashionable image of children.
Terms of joining the sea silk language:
1. The joining trader must be law-abiding integrity of any natural or legal person, independent, must hold national effective business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce or related business qualification certificate, have corresponding legal rights.
2. Franchisee must have a good economic base, and have the necessary capital and proper brand management philosophy. Have the brand operation experience in related industry, have independent market manipulation ability and dedication spirit.
3. Franchisee shall have the cultural concept of "ocean silk", which can identify, cooperate and implement the operation mode of the company to standardize the operation of franchised stores and jointly develop the business.
4. The joining trader must accept the company unified market management system, and may not change the price tag of the company's rules, fax daily sales report in time, and inventory list, to make the company to help franchisees to speed up the circulation of products, in a concerted effort to reduce inventory risk. Maximize profits.
5. Franchisee shall not operate in the territory without the written consent of the company.
1. Franchisee enjoys the rights of "ocean silk" in the region to avoid vicious competition and fully guarantee the interests of franchisees.
2. The company assists in the selection of professional shops, local market analysis, business planning and investment risk reduction.
3. The company provides a unified store image design, renderings, construction drawings and the commissioner's site to guide the decoration.
4. Provide perfect management methods, including marketing plan, national unified promotion activities, personnel training mechanism, and sales management, etc.
5. Provide professional training before opening, including training of product knowledge, operation operation, product display, sales management, marketing and so on.
6. National unified retail price, terminal image management, franchise mode, unified supply plan and supply arrangement.
Strong and professional marketing team.
8. Dynamic innovation and development design team.
9. An innovative terminal retail support team for the service.


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