It embodies the broad mind of the ocean company, and it is the honest struggle of all employees to realize the six clusters:
The popularity of China's popularity has become more and more popular
To gather the spirits of the state of wuzhou
Gather the vigor of modern life
There are three meanings:
1. "ocean" reflects the Marine industry. Seaweed comes from the sea
2. The "ocean" embodies the inheritance of civilization, the rise of westernization movement in Chinese history and the circulation of "ocean" money, which continues the Chinese civilization and records the tragic history.
3, reflect elegant demeanour times "ocean", western people "his" - "$" is now the world's currencies, it represents a highly developed material civilization, western ocean company to the pursuit of excellence, transcendental and free from vulgarity, expand exports, create more foreign exchange.
(2) cultural philosophy
1. Enterprise objectives -- develop transnational groups and build a century base industry
2. The direction of the enterprise -- real, good, strong, big
3. Enterprise philosophy --
Take the market as the guide, the quality strives for survival, the development of science and technology
Quality is the life of an enterprise. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise
You are my wisdom and the essence of the ocean
4. Enterprise spirit -- seeking truth, seeking truth, seeking perfection and seeking strength
5. Corporate strategy - adhering to customer first and developing the market
6. Enterprise style -- steady, solid, advanced and fast
7. Corporate ethics - simple, honest and friendly
8. Corporate motto - work hard and persevere
9. Corporate talent view - provides a stage for talent and talent
10. Purpose of the enterprise -- quality first, integrity
11. Quality policy -- cohesion, integrity, continuous improvement, sincere dedication
12. Core values -- seek truth for the people and seek for the good of the country
(3) "1, 2, 5, 7, 3" system management engineering
"One" is "a slap in the face". The specific content is: do well enterprise management especially production management must grasp a clock, two law, two management. The "one clock" is to knock the alarm clock to work every day, safety includes personal safety, property security, enterprise security. The two laws are labor discipline and process discipline. "Two management" is site management and equipment management.
"Two" means "two improvements". The specific content is: improve the quality level and increase the output level. "Quality level" includes work quality level and product quality level. "Input-output level" is the cost of reducing the cost of production by raising the yield and reducing the cost. Management should strive to be productive, and can't be done without work.
"Five" is the "five methods". Specific content is: management production management especially, encounter problems to learn from the people, machine, material, method, ring "five aspects analysis, from internal and external cause, subjective and objective analysis of the root of the problem, and then suit the remedy to the case, solve the main contradiction.
"Seven" is to cultivate "seven three" style. The specific contents are: three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three "Three times" is to study hard, think hard and communicate frequently. "Three strict" is the serious work discipline, careful handling of things, strict implementation of the rules. "Three relatives" is a pro-colleague, pro-worker, pro-leader. "Three to" is to the first line, to the actual, to the solution. The "three meetings" is the preparation, meeting decision and implementation after the meeting. The "three grasp" is to be able to catch the energy tube, will grasp the tube, dare to grasp the dares tube. "Three reality" is to do practical, practical effect, achievement.
Three is good. The specific content is: the enterprise should have good economic benefit, must do to buy good, sell good, intermediate link control is good. "Buy good" is the raw material quality good, the price is moderate, the information is unimpeded. "Sell well" is to increase the sales volume, the payment should be timely, the service to keep up. The "intermediate link control" is the product quality control, production cost control, factory cost control.

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