Gather Austreasure Holdings PTY LTD

GGOG officially merged and acquired Australian Laminaria Products Pty Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AKP) on April 30th 2014, namely successfully established its own first overseas subsidiary, laying a firm foundation for developing into a multinational group.
Founded in 1995, the company is located in Snuggery Industrial Park, Millicent City, South Australia, covers an area of 30 hectares, and is the unique company with 150km Coastline Seaweed Collection Certificate in South Australia. The company has complete advanced seaweed processing equipment and process, as well as completely matched production facilities. The products have their own trademark, as well as proprietary intellectual property rights on production processes and product standards.
The company attaches importance to seaweed resources and has mature reliable seaweed collection technologies, and can collect more than 1,170 kinds of determined seaweed among seaweed areas. The seaweed produced here is widely applied to various industries from feeds to fertilizers. The company’s products include seaweed foods, pharmaceutical products, seaweed fertilizers and seaweed feeds, wherein liquid seaweed fertilizer products are exported to New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil besides local marketing, with demand exceeding supply.
With a strong scientific research support, the company has reached a cooperative relationship with South Australia Academy of Scientific Research, Flinders University, Australian NSW First Industry Association and other series of professional institutions and scientific research institutions, with the products tested by National Measurement Institute of Melbourne Victoria.
In operation, the company aims to expand the seaweed development area of South Australia on the basis of effectively developing and utilizing the current 150km coastline seaweed resources, to comprehensively develop Oceanian seaweed resources, exert professional advantages of GGOG comprehensive processing and utilization, and take the road of Oceanian seaweed collection, comprehensive processing and global marketing, and constantly boost the profitability, thus finally establishing an overseas raw material base and production base with the annual productivity of 10,000 tons of high-quality seaweed, 5,000 tons of seaweed fertilizers and 2,000 tons of sodium alginate.
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