Shipeng Wu , the chairman of Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Group, lead a team to attend the 23rd International Seaweed Conference


The 23rd International Seaweed Conference was held in Jeju Island International Convention Center , South Korea from April 28 to May 3. Shipeng Wu who is the chairman of Gather Great Ocean Algae Group, Nianxi Wu who is the general manager of Gather Great Ocean Algae Group and Yang Wu who is the general manager of Gather Great Ocean Algae Investment Group attended the conference together. Academics, students and representatives of related businesses attended the conference ,reach a record 750 people.The subject of the conference was "Seaweed from tradition to Innovation". The conference fully exchanged relevant information about the seaweed industry in the past three years  from seedling breeding, processing and application.At the same time, it puts forward some strategies to deal with the impact of global warming on the industry.

During the meeting, Chairman Shipeng wu had a full communication with leaders of World Seaweed Association, President of Indonesia Association, President of Korea Association and President of Japan Association, etc.