Development Plan

The development goal is to do a good job in seaweed industrial processing, to strengthen the main business of seaweed comprehensive processing, to optimize the seaweed biological industry, and to strive to become a world-class multinational group of marine biological industry.


Form Qingdao Marine Biomedical Science and Technology Zone, Seaweed Comprehensive Processing Zone, and Seaweed Resource Guarantee Base at Home and Abroad. In six years, through the construction of “Two Zones and One Base”, we will build a “top-three enterprise” with top professionalism, top internationalization and top sense of the times, and strive to become the largest comprehensive marine biomedical multinational group in the world.

The development plan of “Two Zones and One Base” will be formed within three years:

1. Build a new science and technology zone. Within three years, we will build a total construction volume of 180 acres, including a 270,000 square meters of marine biomedical science and technology zone and its supporting facilities, which will form a research and development center, an innovation and maker zone, a technology incubation zone and a test base. Introduce colleges and scientific research institutions to establish a platform for industry-university-research cooperation; Introduce high-level talents and college students to form a gathering base of marine biomedical talents; Introduce upstream, downstream and cross-profession enterprises to form a base for the transformation of economy and achievements. At present, the first phase of the project has fully entered the decoration stage, and we are contacting Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, Ocean University of China, Marine Biomedical Research Institute of Qingdao, etc to enter the zone for in-depth cooperation and high-tech development.

2. Build a new industrial zone. Within three years, we will build an industrial zone of 300 acres to form the industrialization of six major series of products, including high-end functional seaweed food, seaweed pharmaceutical raw materials, seaweed for pharmaceutical excipients, seaweed for pharmaceutical materials, seaweed health food, seaweed for efficient agricultural feed, seaweed fertilizer. At present, we are implementing the mature innovation outcomes from the team of academician Huashi Guan —the industrialization of marine oligosaccharides. We are fully advancing the establishment of the industrialization base of the International Ocean Oligosaccharide Preparation Center in the new area to realize the primary products of seaweed gum from food additives to functional health care, special medical food and pharmaceutical raw materials, to realize the qualitative leap from one hundred thousand yuan to two million yuan per ton.

3. Build a new marine ranching demonstration area. Within three years, we will build the Lingshan Bay National Marine Ranch to obtain the fifth batch of “National Marine Ranch” as an opportunity to form efficient three-dimensional seaweed breeding, realize the scale of interculture of shellfish and algae, cage culture, artificial algae reef, and bottom sowing culture. At the same time, we will build an ecological experience center for global marine plants and marine ranches and a platform for marine leisure and sightseeing in the science and technology zone to form a marine landscape integrated with the Navy Park, Central Park, and College Town.