Social Responsibility

GGOG (short for Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group CO., LTD) has always fulfilled the core value of “Seek truth for the people, Strive to serve the country worthily” and uses our own strength to give back to customers, employees, and society. GGOG persists in the simple, honest and friendly corporate ethics, performs our duties in environmental protection, safety, social welfare, and actively contributes to society.

Persist in people-oriented and build a harmonious enterprise. GGOG continuously strengthens technological transformation, improves the working environment of employees, increases the level of production automation, and reduces the labor intensity of employees, which is well received by employees. In addition, GGOG has harmonious and stable workforce, strong cohesion, and the harmonious labor relations. GGOG has won the title of Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise, the Advanced Unit of Huangdao District of Human Resources and Social Security in 2016.

Pay close attention to protecting the environment and safe production, realize the harmonious development of enterprises and society. GGOG continues to increase investment in technological transformation, vigorously promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, and invests more than 6 million in the expansion and upgrading projects of sewage treatment with obvious effect. GGOG has built solar projects and photovoltaic power generation projects, which not only save energy consumption, reduce production costs, but also improve the environment. Pay close attention to water conservation and reducing consumption, recycle waste calcium water, and make great efforts to recycle water to relieve water pressure effectively. GGOG pays close attention to safety production, strengthens the standardization of safety production and inspection and rectification of safety hazards, and ensures that there are no major safety accidents. Therefore GGOG has been awarded the title of advanced unit of safety production in Huangdao District and Binhai Street.

Earnestly fulfill social responsibilities, actively participate in social public charity and social donation activities. This fully embodies the sense of social responsibility and love of “When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters”. GGOG has established a 5 million yuan charity fund named after GGOG; has donated 50,000 yuan for earthquake relief work in 2008; has carried out the “Give Them Warmth and Show Our Love” activity to donate clothes to the poverty-stricken areas in Guizhou, and has donated a total of 306 pieces of cotton-padded clothes. GGOG concerns about population and family planning work. A total of 14,000 yuan has been donated to the Population Care Fund. In order to reflect the people-oriented concept and promote the construction of a harmonious enterprise, GGOG has established the GGOG “Mutual Fund for Love” in 2014 and launched donations from the employee love fund. A total of 17,580 yuan has been donated to the love fund account that year. GGOG has used this part of the fund to help the needy and seriously ill employees to reduce financial pressure. GGOG also actively carried out donation activities. Since its establishment, GGOG has donated nearly 70,000 yuan to local kindergartens, elementary schools, and extremely poor students. Carry out charitable donation activities and donate 150,000 yuan to the Huangdao District Charity Federation. GGOG has donated 50,000 yuan to local poor villages in 2016. In order to support local social, sports, cultural and entertainment activities, GGOG has provided financial support promote the development of those activities, for example, GGOG Cup Table Tennis Trials in 2014, GGOG Cup Children’s Talent Competition in2017. Therefore, GGOG has awarded the title of Shandong Charity Star. GGOG has donated funds and seaweed hollow capsules and other materials, around fighting the epidemic, which is equivalent to more than 1 million yuan and helped sell 3000 jin of unsalable strawberries in Fenghuang Village, Dachang Town, resolved the worries of local farmers and contributed to the “win-win” of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. With the theme of “Promote land and marine development and the rural revitalization strategy in a coordinated way”, GGOG has kept in touch with Fenghuang Village, invested 200,000 yuan to build an activity center for the elderly, provided more than 300,000 yuan for expressing sympathy and solicitude, and held the “Celebration for anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China” for village-enterprise association every year to promote the common development between village and enterprises.

Care for the growth of the next generation and fulfill its due responsibilities in the construction of the social practice base for marine education. GGOG has established marine science and technology exhibition halls and channels to facilitate the popularization of marine science knowledge. It has been named one of the first batch of “Qingdao Social Practice Bases for Primary and Middle School Marine Education” by Qingdao Education Bureau. GGOG also provides practice and training places for graduates of colleges and universities, and provides opportunities for them. Such as the Practice and Training Base for College Students of Ocean University of China, the Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base of Qingdao University of Technology, the Employment and Training Base for Qingdao University Graduate, the Marine Education Base for Naval Hope Primary School and so on.