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Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group CO., LTD

Qingdao Gather Great Ocean ALgae Industry Group Co.,Ltd(GGOG)  is located in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao and was set up in August 2000 with a registered capital of 52.94 million yuan. GGOG covers an area of 350 acres at home and 450 acres at abroad. GGOG has 8 subsidiaries (one of subsidiaries is a foreign company).…

  • Professional manufacturer of hydrocolloid

  • Products sell well at home and abroad

  • Have multiple national, provincial and municipal innovation platforms

  • Full coverage of quality system certification


Seaweed Polysaccaride Vacant Capsule, or HPMC Vacant Capsule (I) is made from HPMC and seaweed polysaccaride, the key processing is shaped with low temperature, the patent developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences and GGOG. Its Patent No. is 201410129728.4.

The raw materials (kelp) produced by GGOG are derived from the deep waters of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. The water quality of these sea areas is clear, the wind and waves are small, and the tides are smooth. The kelp algae grown in large bodies and thick leaves have very high nutritional value. It does not contain pesticide residues and enjoys the reputation of "Sea Vegetables" and "Longevity Vegetables".

Mainly using seaweed as raw material, through technical processes such as soaking, screening, digestion, and impurity removal, the floating scum of alginate is extracted and calcified to extract the feed with natural seaweed flavor. As a natural and efficient feed additive, seaweed feed contains mineral elements such as high iodine, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and rich vitamins that are incomparable on land. 

Seaweed fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer that is used more and more now. The reason why it has become the new favorite of the market is precisely because it uses marine plant seaweed as its main raw material. Our company’s main brand Deep Sea Dynamic Seaweed Fertilizer has been recognized by the majority of farmers. There are four series of seaweed fertilizers that are sold well in the market



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