Good news! GGOG’s sodium alginate product was successfully selected into "Quality Pioneer Archive" by China Quality News Network


Recently, GGOG’s sodium alginate products were successfully selected into "Quality Pioneer Archives" of China Quality News Network, and won the title of Quality Pioneer Archives Public Product in the 2020 Quality Brand Pioneer Activity. China Quality News Network is the highest quality inspection information release platform in the field of national quality inspection. With the purpose of "treating the bad and supporting the good", it provides testimony for outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises and promotes China's economic development into the quality era. This time, it was selected into the "Quality Pioneer Archives" and publicized to the whole country in the form of establishing archives. This is the highest testimony and endorsement made by the country's highest quality inspection platform to the enterprise quality side.

Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co.,Ltd has always adhered to the corporate tenet of "Quality First, Honesty First", and has adhered to product quality for 20 years. It is a professional manufacturer of sodium alginate products. The company uses seaweed as the main raw material to produce marine food and pharmaceuticals as a marine biological enterprise. The food additives produced by sodium alginate, carrageenan, and agar, are based on the essence of pure natural marine plants derived from the ocean. Sell well at home and abroad, and are widely used in meat, noodles, milk, beverages and pharmaceutical raw materials. Medical excipients seaweed polysaccharide empty capsules are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.