Create a new "hard core" to help the epidemic prevention war. GGOG's new medical mask production line put into production!


Based on the country’s current special period of covid-19 epidemic prevention, GGOG actively responded to the national call, pursued high-end upgrades to marine biomedicine, and further enriched the medical sector projects. On the basis of the original medicinal excipients seaweed polysaccharide empty capsule project, we added another medical device sector to help Big health industry.


We used the group’s existing hardware conditions. One of the workshops had met the pharmaceutical GMP standard, covering an area of about 400 square meters. We planned to spend one month building 3 new medical mask production lines (2 medical flat mask production lines, 1 N95 production line) and 1 Medical protective clothing production line.

At present, the first flat mask production line has been installed and put into production, and GGOG masks will be launched soon. The company pays close attention to product quality and strictly controls the entry inspection of mask production materials. Our mask products are in accordance with the GB2626-2006 national standard, and we also entrust the third party to inspect. At the same time, we also test the microbial indicators of the non-test items of the mask to ensure that the quality of the mask is passed and consumers can use it safely. This is higher than the national standard.

We use seaweed fiber new technology, which will use seaweed as raw materials to produce seaweed fiber. Seaweed fiber has some special biological activities, such as good moisture absorption and moisturizing, anti-inflammatory itching, beauty skin care, natural antibacterial and flame retardant effects. It is suitable for medical textiles. We will also graft N95 medical mask project of Qingdao Marine Biopharmaceutical Research Institute, and use GGOG’s GMP to produce OEM N95 medical mask for global sales.