Safety tips of covid-19 control after Festival holiday


Dear colleagues,

GGOG paid a high attention and actively answered and implemented President Xi’s important instructions and deployments of provincial, municipal and district committee since the start of covid-19. 

We insisted on putting the health of employees in the first place, set up a leading group to prevent and control covid-19, issued Proposal on Prevention of Covid-19, and made detailed preventive controls, which were studied via OA system and weichat office groups. Propaganda slogans were hanged in the factory. According to the content of prevention and control, we established an epidemic prevention and control team with a clear responsibility to ensure that various prevention and control measures are arranged in place for inspection. In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention work we issued Notice on Further Strengthening the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work and supplementary notices. Besides these measures we also kept prevention and control information updated every day, and carefully implemented various prevention and control measures. We kept running production while ensuring the safety of prevention and control in this hard situation. 

It’s still hard for the prevention and control of covid-19. In order to ensure the health and safety of others and you we would like to share some prevention and control tips against covid-19.