With love and dedication, We Gather Great Ocean Group actively participated in the battle of epidemic prevention and control


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 happend, Gather Great Ocean Group has actively responded to and implemented the important instructions of the CPC Central Committee and the decisions and arrangements of the provincial, municipal and district committees. We focus on the implementation of prevention and control measures while focusing on the production and operation of enterprises, so as to ensure both prevention and normal production for good.At the same time, Gather Great Ocean Group set store by overall interests , uphold truth-seeking for the people, and becoming strong for our country as core values, we positively response the charity activities which launched by charity federation and earnestly implement the social responsibility, the corporation actively making donations to dedicate a love, for making a concerted effort to help win the epidemic war.


On February 11, Gather Great Ocean Group and individuals donated a total of more than 240,000 yuan, of which the group made a targeted donation of 200,000 yuan to the District Charity Federation for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the Binhai Sub-district office, and all the staff donated a total of more than 40,000 yuan.

On February 17, in order to help wuhan prevent and control the epidemic and support the development of wuhan's great health industry, Gather Great Ocean Group donated 100 thousand yuan worth of HPMC (I) capsule to Wuhan Mingshi Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. for the production of health products and drugs and the enhancement of the immunity of the People in Wuhan.

The epidemic is merciless, however love exist in the world.Affected by the epidemic, the sales and transportation of agricultural products have encountered some difficulties. Strawberries are the featured agricultural products of the New West Coast Area, among which the strawberry farmers in Fenghuangzhuang Village, Dachang Town, have encountered the problem of unmarketable strawberries.Gather Great Ocean Group is the counterpart of fenghuangzhuang village to support help , that this news, the company timely organized related personnel to study countermeasures to help sales promotion.The company took the initiative to buy more than 1,000 kg of strawberries from Fenghuangzhuang Village and distributed them all to the company's employees, which not only helped solve the urgent need, but also allowed the employees to expand the publicity and help the promotion.At the same time, the company donated 208 boxes of seaweed health food to Fenghuangzhuang Village to improve the health of the elderly.

Gather Great Ocean Group since its inception has always take the "strives for the people, strong for the country," as the corporate core values, with the responsible attitude to the customers, employees, and to the enterprise. We stick to independent innovation with joint of production and reserach to speed up the steps that old and new kinetic energy conversion and to achieve high quality development. We will build a "two industry park and one base" framework: completion of the first comprehensive seaweed processing park, the first phase of the Marine biological medicine science and technology park project caps, start of national Marine farm construction.At the same time of doing well in enterprise development, Gather Great Ocean Group is actively giving back to the society, bravely shoulder social responsibilities and actively participating in social public welfare undertakings and social donation activities.