To promote the old and new kinetic energy conversion, make enterprise core competitiveness ---Gather Great Ocean Group Launching ceremony of "The world's first comprehensive seaweed processing zone"


On the morning of November 28, 2019, Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Group ceremoniously held the launching ceremony of "the world's first comprehensive seaweed Processing Park" at its new factory. Jiang Qingchun, Deputy Director of the Office of The Marine Development Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Oceanic Administration,Qingdao Marine development bureau deputy director Fu Daojun, Qingdao ministry bureau deputy director feng wei, the west coast of Qingdao, new city district party committee standing committee, director of the committee office Meng Qingsheng, area Zhao Zengtang, deputy director of the National People's Congress standing committee deputy prefects Li Jinguo, district political consultative conference, vice secretary of Zhang Wenxiao, Qingdao Marine high-tech zone management committee director Xue Qingping, China industry association, vice President of sellers at home and abroad as well as the relevant departments and units, liu tao, scientific research institutions, financial institutions on behalf of the workers' representatives and group about 150 people attended the launching ceremony.Wu Nianxi, general manager of the group company, presided over the launching ceremony.

First of all, on behalf of the group company, he expressed his warm welcome and high respect to all presence!The chairman pointed out that the group actively responded to the development plan of the new district and supported the construction of large projects in coordination with the relocation. Taking this opportunity, the group comprehensively promoted the transformation of old and new driving forces of the enterprise, and made efforts to make the ocean as a strategic place for high-quality development, forming a new highlight of high-tech development.Now covers an area of 100 acres in north of our plant with a total investment of 200 million yuan to build the world three big algae of (alginate, carrageenan and Agar) main products first at the same time in one factory production of processing capacity, and realize the depth development, the formation of deep processed and medicinal hollow capsules outspread product industrialization, seaweed polysaccharides are in the same industry in the world to form unique core competitiveness of enterprises.The whole park is divided into office area, processing area and sub-production area. For the convenience of leaders and guests' viewing and internal management, all processing areas are equipped with visiting channels integrated with the production site, which fully demonstrates the self-discipline, confidence and pride of Judayang Group.The group company has been highly recognized by the Chinese Algal Industry Association, and has been recognized as the "first algal comprehensive processing park", and has been awarded the title and award.

In the end, the chairman said, We will take this as a start and through the move to upgrade the old and the new kinetic energy conversion to further enhance the development of the industrialization of achievement of science and technology innovation of the enterprise strength and to bulid the first-class Marine biological medicine multinationals to lay a solid foundation. Meanwhile to make the ocean as high quality development strategic place to make new greater contributions! 


At the launching ceremony, Vice District governor Li Jinguo delivered a speech.

He first expressed his warm congratulations to the park on behalf of the New District Industrial And Administrative Committee.And to the Group Company 20 years of vigorous development of the achievement to give high affirmation;We commend Gather Great Oean Group for giving priority to the overall situation, actively responding to the development plan of the new District, and moving to support the construction of major projects.At the same time, I congratulate Gather Great Oean Group on taking this opportunity to accelerate the transformation of old and new driving forces and build a high-tech Marine industrial park. The comprehensive seaweed processing level has set the first in the world, and it has formed a unique core competitiveness and Marine technological advantage in the same industry in the world, and won the honor of "the first comprehensive seaweed processing Park".

Finally, he said that the West Coast New Area is in accordance with the overall deployment of the provincial Party Committee, the municipal Party Committee, a comprehensive Marine offensive operations, will focus on supporting the superior enterprises such as Gather Great Ocean Group to speed up the development, cultivate enterprises of billions, billions of scale, to chart strong, achieve better, faster and greater development.At the same time, we also welcome people from all walks of life to invest and start businesses in the new Area, so that they can share the development achievements of the new area at the national level, lead by innovation, integrate development and work together for win-win results.


Liu Tao, Vice President of The China Algae Industry Association, read out the letter on awarding Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co., LTD the "First Comprehensive Algae Processing Park" (CaEA Letter [2019] No. 22).

Then Jiang Qingchun, deputy director of the Office of The Marine Development Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and deputy director of the Oceanic Bureau of Shandong Province and Wu Shipeng, chairman of The Company, took the stage to inaugurate the "first seaweed comprehensive processing Park" awarded by China Algae Industry.

At last, the launching ceremony of the first seaweed comprehensive processing park held and ten leaders sprinkle sand together on the chair platform, the gilt sand starting platform was fully started, with colorful ribbons fluttering in the wind. Cheers was raised on the scene, and ten gilt characters was highlighted.We all witnessed this glorious historical moment in Gather Great Ocean Group.

After the ceremony, the chairman of the group accompanied the on-site leaders and guests to visit the Polyoceania seaweed comprehensive Processing Park and Marine Biological medicine science and Technology Park