Race Against Time To Harvest The Golden Autumn Season, Concentrate On Creating A Excellent Team——Colorful Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Activities of GGOG


With the booming production and sales in the third quarter and good situation of order doubled in September, GGOG (short for Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd.) seized every day of October Double Festival. Workers worked overtime to complete the order tasks. All workshops on the first production line were fully productive. GGOG organized rear-service personnel to the front line in groups. The construction site was bustling with activity.

GGOG held a joint meeting to summarize the work in September and focused on the overall plan for the fourth quarter on October 6.

From October 7th to 8th, GGOG held a two-day training course for skeleton staff. On the morning of October 7, Wu Shipeng, chairman of GGOG, first of all, summarized the work of the first three quarters and analyzed various challenges and problems faced by the company from three aspects: epidemic prevention and control, relocation and upgrading, and market changes. He summarized the work that has been effectively carried out this year from six aspects, including full efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, open up new markets with dual cycles, tap the potential of human resources, grasp the construction of parks, actively double recruitment and double introduction, and promote full-load production with safety. He focused on the goal of “90 days of work in the fourth quarter, doubling sales and building a science and technology park” in the fourth quarter. He clarified the eight aspects of continuous improvement in quality, sufficient orders, talent introduction, capital withdrawal, new product development, project construction, safe production, and work style construction. He asked the group to actively respond to the central government’s call for “dual cycle” development, drive innovation, and strive to build the ocean projects as a new highlight of the high-quality development strategy, and promote the overall upgrade of all work of the group.

In the afternoon, three group executives who were sent to Shenzhen and Hangzhou to participate in the study organized by the government shared their learning experience. Huayu Guo shared her knowledge about participating in the training course on innovation and development of private enterprises in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao; Huiyuan Zhang shared the relevant learning content of participating in in the capital market high-end seminars; Feng Kai shared the relevant content of participating in the special activity of the industrial internet of Qingdao private small and medium-sized enterprises. The three senior executives all expressed that they must further digest and absorb the learning content, and strive for their own use and the company’s use.

In the evening, GGOG booked a whole theatre and watched the inspirational movie “Win the Championship”. Everyone was touched by the spirit of women volleyball of “the motherland is supreme, unity and cooperation, tenacious and hard work, and never give up”. They They left moving tears and inspired everyone’s fighting spirit once again .

On the morning of October 8, Yuqiang Zhang , a new employee of the company, shared Haier’s “Orders and employees are a whole” model. The chief engineer of GGOG focused on explaining the key points of alginate quality control and the relevant knowledge of new products. Yongjian Liu, assistant general manager of GGOG, explained the relevant knowledge of plant capsules.

In the afternoon, the company commended ten advanced groups that made outstanding achievements in September, which are Domestic Trade Department I, Domestic Trade Department II, International Trade Department I, International Trade Department III, Capital Operation Department, Technology Development Department, Finished Product Workshop, Alginate Workshop at Headquarters, Juhong Workshop and Capsule Workshop. Nianxi Wu, General Manager announced the commendation decision. Shipeng Wu, Chairman personally presented awards to the winning units.

Then the head of departments made a statement on the fourth quarter one by one. Everyone expressed that they must continue to carry forward the team spirit, unite and cooperate, and carry forward the four work style of “focusing on, keeping up, relying on, and forgiving”, and must make unremitting efforts to successfully complete the fourth quarter work goals.

Through the two-day training for key personnel, we have further unified our thinking, clarified the work content of the group company in the fourth quarter, clarified the work ideas, and set off a new climax of hard work, unity and cooperation, and great efforts in the fourth quarter.