Water-soluble fertilizer precautions


Water-soluble fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizers that can be completely dissolved in water. It can dissolve rapidly in water and be absorbed by crops more easily, and its absorption and utilization rate is relatively high. More importantly, it can be applied to spray Drip irrigation and other facilities agriculture. Xiaobian explain to you today on the water-soluble fertilizer precautions:



1, the package is opened, please seal stored in dry and ventilated place, to avoid damp agglomeration.

2, transplanting basin, the application of this product can reduce the Huanmiao period, reduce the impact of transplanting seedlings on the plant roots, quickly mention Miao.

3, it is recommended to apply this product in the morning or evening to reduce the evaporation of water. Avoid applying this product to foliage at high temperature.

4, This product is non-toxic fertilizer, but not edible. Please keep this product away from children and pets. If you inadvertently eat this product, seek medical help as soon as possible.