What raw materials are used for seaweed plant hollow capsules?


Qingdao seaweed fertilizer is a use of marine brown algae production and processing or with a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and medium and trace elements processed out of a fertilizer. The following Xiaobian detail for you on the effectiveness of seaweed fertilizer depends on what factors:


The effectiveness of seaweed fertilizer depends on the choice of seaweed raw materials. It is very different to collect the raw materials of seaweed, the time of collecting raw materials, the parts of seaweed that are different from their natural plant growth regulating substances and the content of anti-biomass. The extraction process also has a direct impact on the extraction rate of the active ingredient, stability and efficacy. It is understood that the current international algae digestion algae methods are mainly physical methods, chemical methods, biological methods 3. The best method is to use enzymatic hydrolysis extraction can maximize the activity of endogenous substances preserved; followed by the physical method but the real master of physical purification technology at present only a handful of domestic enterprises; the worst is strong acid or alkali for chemistry Extracting it will destroy the activity of algae endogenous substances.