Wide use of sodium alginate


Sodium alginate is widely used in food industry. Americans call it "wonderful food additives", the Japanese as "longevity food additives."

A. Artificial imitation food

Alginate sodium is seaweed sting skin, seaweed jelly silk, artificial grapes, artificial cherry's main raw material.


B. Cold food

Sodium alginate as ice cream, ice cream stabilizer, its dense structure, slow dissolution. Is also refreshing jelly, jelly's main raw material.


C. Pastry food

Sodium alginate as a dimmable stabilizer (biscuits, bread, noodles, chocolate, etc.) and bread polish. Crisp cookies so crisp and not easily broken, noodles slippery tough to reduce the breaking rate of noodles and broken bread.

Sodium alginate is a good thickener for jams, hot sauce, jelly, tomato sauce, cakes, pudding, salad dressing.


D. Drink

Sodium alginate can be used as beer stabilizer and wine clarifying agent.