What is the standard amount of agar?


Agar is widely used in the food industry. The use of agar can improve the quality of food and improve the taste of food. However, it should be noted that under normal circumstances, the use of agar has a strict standard dosage. Agar is used The amount should meet the relevant regulations and requirements of the industry.


Standard for the amount of agar:

Agar is used in all kinds of food, GMP. Cheese 8; Confectionery and icing 2.0%, soft candy 1.2%; other foods 0.25%. In the food industry, it has excellent effects of extenders, thickeners, emulsifiers, gelling agents, stabilizers, excipients, suspending agents, and water retention agents. It can be used to produce: crystal soft candy, shaped soft candy , Aquatic products, canned meat, fruit juice drinks, pulp drinks, rice wine drinks, dairy drinks, boutiques, dairy cakes.


The amount of agar should be used according to actual needs and strictly follow the relevant regulations and standards of the industry. The amount of agar used is very important. Excessive amount will directly affect the taste and quality of the food.