Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Group held a summary and commendation meeting of "Factory Relocation Campaign"!


On the afternoon of December 14, 2019, Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Group held a summary and commendation meeting of the "Factory Relocation Campaign" in the company conference room. The company’s party branch secretary and chairman Wu Shipeng, general manager Wu Nianxi, party branch member and executive vice president Wu Bo , Party branch member and deputy general manager Cheng Yuemo, deputy general manager and trade union chairman Cui Rongbox and other five people were seated on the podium. The meeting was presided over by the general manager Wu Nianxi.

Wu Bo summarized the demolition and construction work. Among them, the biggest highlight in the demolition process was safety and no accidents. Cheng Yuemo announced the commendation decision and awarded a total of 36 outstanding employees as "Excellent Employees in the Factory Relocation Campaign". Then, a grand awards ceremony was carried out. Chairman Wu Shipeng personally handed out certificates of honor to the winning employees.

QingDao Gather Great Ocean Group Company actively responded to the development plan of the new district and supported the construction of large projects in cooperation with the relocation of the land. From July to November 2019, it launched a five-month demolition and construction operation, successfully completing the demolition, relocation, and construction of new lines. The purpose of this summary and commendation is to further give full play to the excellent team spirit embodied in the "demolition and construction", make concerted efforts and go all out to accelerate the high-quality development process of the enterprise, and invest in a new round of development, a new round of management, and new In a round of upgrading work, the construction of "two parks and one base" will be accelerated to achieve comprehensive development.

At present, the company has established the ability to produce the three major glues (algin, carrageenan, agar) in the same industry in the world at the same time, and has realized in-depth development to form the industrialization of seaweed polysaccharide medicinal hollow capsules. The same industry has formed a unique core competitiveness of enterprises.

The main body of the first phase of the Group’s newly-built Marine Biomedical Science and Technology Park has been partially capped. The subway station is backed by the China Resources China Railway University City. Investment promotion, innovation and entrepreneurship, and technology incubation have been fully launched. Welcome people of insight to build a business and live in peace and contentment. ,Develop together.