Start A New Journey And Present A Gift To The National Day! GGOG Held The Operation Ceremony Of The New Production Line


On October 1, the 70th birthday of the motherland was celebrated across the country. GGOG (short for Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd.) celebrated the birthday of the motherland in a special way. The new factory area was in order. All team members and new line engineering installation technicians were working overtime with full enthusiasm on the front line of installation.

In accordance with the correct deployment of the district party committee and district government, GGOG has started a new round of conversion process between new and old kinetic energy. After a month of hard work by all employees, on September 29, GGOG completed the demolition task of the old park arranged by the government 21 days in advance and successfully relocated to the north factory area. The new line was installed in an orderly manner. At 9 o’clock in the morning of October 7th, in GGOG’s new factory area, all senior managers participated in the operation ceremony of the new 3000-ton alginate line. This was a sign that GGOG had embarked on a new journey. It had fully tested the combat effectiveness and cohesion of the group, and demonstrated that we were a team that dared to fight hard and win battles.

Under the arduous production tasks, during the National Day, the group company also arranged a one-and-a-half-day training and study, which involved enterprise situation education, patriotism education and the content of the speech of Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee Qingxian Wang at the “Qingdao Entrepreneurs and Double Recruitment and Double Introduction Conference” on September 25, which had further strengthened the confidence of enterprise development. During the training and study, the chairman focused on communicating the current situation of the company. The theme is: working in the present, taking a long-term view, and pursuing high-quality development. The chairman emphasized that working in the present means doing well in October, the fourth quarter and considering the plan for next year in advance. Taking a long-term view was a three-year plan (2020-2022) and “six realizations”. Finally, the chairman put forward the “six must” work requirements for the pursuit of high-quality development: we must keep up with the pace of the times; we must seize development opportunities; we must promote teamwork; we must strengthen our own learning; we must continue to improve own work style; we must constantly improve our own thinking style.

Through training, all employees had further unified their minds, improved their understanding, and continued to accumulate strength to create a brilliant tomorrow together.