To write down Company Halal Policy


To write down Company Halal Policy !

Ensures to consistently produce halal products in meeting consumers needs including those of the Moslem consumers, we will achieve this by:

1.Ensuring all the raw materials introduced in the production are approved halal by LPPOM MUI.

2.Ensuring all the production systems are clean enough and free from non-halal.

3.Ensuring all the finished goods manufactured for Moslem consumers are certified by LPPOM MUI as halal products.

How the company inform all stakeholders of the halal policy

1. Halal Policy has been socialized to all stakeholders through the company's web site,the meeting, wechat group, cooperative office in order to making all stakeholders aware that the company has a commitment to consistently produce halal products;

2.Stakeholders include top management, halal management team, employees and suppliers.

3. The record of socialization of Halal Policy should be maintained.