Operating strategic marine resources, working together to create a win-win situation-Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Chairman Wu Shipeng leads a team to Beijing to expand the cooperation platform


Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd. actively responds to the national call on "Economy and Strategy for the Ocean", focusing on building the ocean as a new highlight of the high-quality development strategy, focusing on the construction of the park and the construction of the cooperation platform on the other. Recently, Chairman Wu Shipeng led a team to Beijing to visit and study at Poly Communication Company.


Pan Biao, Chairman of Baoli Communication Company, had a cordial conversation with Chairman Wu Shipeng, and exchanged views on cooperation projects such as complementary advantages, joint development of the marine biomedical industry, and construction of a national marine ranch, and further discussed the next cooperation direction.


Later, Chairman Wu Shipeng led a team to Beijing JIANLIYUAN Catering Management Co., Ltd. to study and inspect.

Chairman Wu Shipeng, accompanied by Secretary General Chen Zhong of Beijing Huangdao Chamber of Commerce, had in-depth exchanges with Jianshixin, Chairman of Jianliyuan Company, and team members. Chairman Wu Shipeng said that Jianliyuan, as the standard setter of the group catering industry in China, has developed into a leading enterprise with more than 10,000 employees, providing catering services for more than one million people a day, and covering more than half of China in less than 20 years. This development pattern is amazed.


Chairman Wu Shipeng introduced the situation of the company's marine characteristic industry, focused on introducing a series of seaweed food, and proposed cooperation. The chairman and members of Jianshixin highly recognized the development of Judayang and the launched seaweed series of foods, and agreed that such good pure natural and green marine foods can effectively connect with the catering industry, which can further improve the level of group meals, more It allows consumers to understand marine culture and experience marine elements, which is conducive to improving food safety and health. It is an ideal natural, organic, and health food. After consultations, the teams of both parties determined the cooperation plan on the spot.  For the two companies in the big health industry long-term cooperation opened the prologue.