Industrial linkage in Northern Europe and science and Technology promotion in South Australia -- Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group is actively expanding the space for high-quality development of international cooperation


After the Exhibition of Vitafoods Europe 2019, Chairman Wu Shipeng of Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co.Ltd. led a team to Norway and Australia to expand the international cooperation space for high-quality development, and harvested a lot.

(Wu Shipeng, chairman of the group, visited Pharmatech, a famous European nutrition and health products manufacturing group)


In Norway, our chairman Mr.Wu shipeng warmly visited Europe famous Pharmatech nutritional health products manufacturing group , and with Mr.Geir Lund the group's chairman, Mr.Geir Lund and Pharmatech ‘s team for the future cooperation and communication, and  reach an agreement for seaweed polysaccharides capsules, filling liquid vegetable hard capsule, vegetable soft capsule , and the international top health care products market development .

During the communication, Mr. Wu Shipeng, our chairman , comprehensively introduced the group's latest achievements in upgrading to high-end Marine biological medicine and health care products, and mainly introduced the new product of seaweed polysaccharide empty capsule.The Norwegian company introduced the global market development plan of thousands of nutritional and health products, and demonstrated the achievements of high-tech nutritional and health products accumulated by the Norwegian company based on the advantages of Northern Europe and the exploitation of high-quality Marine resources in the deep sea.Through the exchange, the two sides agreed that the two group leads the world in the Marine high-tech achievements, obvious advantages, are highly complementary, deep sea fish oil supplements such as packed in seaweed polysaccharides capsules, greatly improve the quality of products, and can replace traditional capsule packaging, is a high-quality Marine animals and plants resources the best combination of high value of exploitation and utilization, the market must be popular, can greatly promote the brand value of the product, promote nutritional supplement qualitative leap in the global market.The teams of the two sides further looked into the plans of jointly developing new products, focusing on developing China's huge market of nutrition and health products, and promoting the high-quality development of the international great health industry.

Subsequently, Chairman Mr.Wu Shipeng led the team to Australia and held the signing ceremony for the third phase of cooperation of The Joint Laboratory of Marine Biology and Medicine between China and Australia in Flinders University, the Federal National world-renowned Biomedical University located in Adelaide, South Australia.Prof. Rob Saint, Vice President of Flinders University, Prof. Colin Raston and Rob Lewis, academicians of Australian Academy of Engineering, Prof. Chris Franco, Director of the Joint Laboratory of Flinders University, Prof. Zhang Wei, a Taishan scholar from Shandong Province, and members of the core R&D teams of the two sides gathered together and had a candid and interactive exchange on the inter-university/enterprise cooperation.

In the course of communication, Chairman Wu Shipeng mainly publicized the good situation of high-quality development in Shandong Province, the ocean offensive launched by Qingdao and the good policy of double recruitment and double introduction of the west Coast New Area in Qingdao, and introduced the situation of the science and technology park under construction in Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co.Ltd..Australian experts spoke highly of the high-quality development of Shandong province from top to bottom, and expressed their willingness to inject more Australian high-tech elements into the great development of shandong province, promote Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group to develop high-tech industry as soon as possible, and form a new highlight of high-quality development of Shandong Province.Chairman Wu Shipeng signed a third term cooperation agreement with Prof Rob Saint, Vice-Chancellor of Flinders University.

Joint laboratory during the period of university, build the team members of the cooperation content on the depth of the two-day communication, mainly on innovation seaweed polysaccharides extraction technology, the micro particles, medicinal algin medicinal rubber raw materials, biological system, special key technology such as 3D printing new material has carried on the detailed research, accurate and effective to carry out the work laid the foundation for the next step.